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Do you offer vegetarian dishes?

Yes, we have certain dishes on our menu (E.g. Buddha's Feast, Vegetable Delight, Bean Curd with Vegetables)  that are vegetarian. We can also make certain entrees without meat. Just ask one of our Waiters/Waitresses.


Do you take reservations?

Yes we do, please give us a call ahead of time so we can set a table up for you.


What if I have special dietary needs?

We will try our best to accommodate any needs you have such as less salt, certain vegetables or meats that you cannot eat. Please inform our server about your requests when ordering.


Do you revise your menu?

We add special offers and dishes from time to time. Ask us about our specials when ordering and we will be glad to tell you!


Do you have large tables for big parties?

Call ahead and let us know the amount of guests so we can accommodate your request.


Do you do catering?

Yes, we cater events large and small. Just give us a call at (714)378-8612 and let us help you create a memorable event.


Do you plan to expand your restaurant to other cities and states?

We are in the stages of expansion. Stay tuned for an Eggroll King Restaurant near you!